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Automotive & Motorsport Industry

MACH Rubber excels in automotive & motorsport solutions. Precision-crafted rubber components and parts for superior performance on and off the road.

Automotive & Motorsport Industry

MACH Rubber design and manufacture a wide range of  moulded parts, products and components for clients in the automotive and motorsport industries throughout the UK.

When producing Motorsport components, performance and durability are paramount. and that’s why Motorsports’ teams come to us for their bushes, seals and gaskets. Our in-house team of engineers use the latest in design software to take each customer’s products from concept to completion, utilising the latest in 3D modelling software to produce complex components.

Protoypes are produced using the very lastest 3D printing techniques. Once approved the design is handed to our rubber mould design team and onto the compression and moulding press for production in the most suitable rubber compound.

Rubber components

Rubber Mouldings

At MACH Rubber, we are consistently investing in the latest CNC milling and CNC turning equipment, ensuring that all our engineering and injection mould manufacturing services meet customer expectations every step of the way.

All our motorsport parts and components are designed and manufactured in house, bespoke to each client’s exact specifications. We produce all our components to the highest standards, ensuring a high quality, durable finished product every time.

If you’d like more information and a free quote on any of our manufacturing services, contact MACH Rubber.

Rubber to Metal Bonding

MACH Rubber are experts in the provision of extremely specific components for the automotive and motorsport industries. Motor vehicles use a large number of rubber components, many of which are bonded:-
  • Engine and Gearbox Mounts – rubber bonded units that may incorporate hydraulic damping systems to damp out engine noise and vibration.
  • Suspension mounts – strut units mount the wheels to the vehicle chassis via a rubber bonded bush. Sub-frames need to be coupled by stiffer mounts that allow some flexibility.
  • Steering Rack – the steering wheel is joined to the steering rack by bonded components and the various link arms in the suspension and steering all incorporate bonded bushes.
  • Harmonic dampers – Bonded units are used to subdue harmonic vibrations which, left unchecked, can have catastrophic consequences.
rubber mouldings

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